Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cheryl Cole fantasy still on her ex husband

Officially divorced from the footballer Chelsea, Ashley Cole, since September 2010, Cheryl Cole, who is only 27, is already a victim of its biological clock. The singer was terrified at the idea of being thirty, but not mother. To him, the ideal father for her future children would still be his beloved Ashley, despite the faithlessness of the athlete who had broken their marriage after four years of happiness.

Never recovered from this break, Cheryl Tweedy moreover talked his last name, precious memories of their love. A friend of the singer, whom it would be wise not to give in secret, confirmed to the Daily Mail that she was still in love with his ex. Cheryl Cole she would love Victoria Beckham? The answer seems obvious.

A few months after the announcement of the reformation of Girls Aloud to celebrate their tenth anniversary, we end up wondering if Cheez is not just a great nostalgic. And we thought that having a successful career, a plastic dream and a well stocked bank account would help him find a new prince charming ...

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