Monday, June 27, 2011

Bernard Arnault, "John Galliano did not rework LVMH"

At the end of the first day of trial, feedback about the attitude of John Galliano was hunanime. The man who introduced himself to the court of Paris had a low profile, visibly thinner, pleading addiction to alcohol and ensuring that its racist and anti-Semitism does not reflect his thinking. It could therefore talk about a good impression.

Obviously, this is not enough to restore the master. Thus, Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, undoubtedly keeps grievances against the "case Galliano." "It does not work with it to LVMH," he told the New York Times after the Dior Homme fashion show this Saturday. In fact, the successor and former assistant to John Galliano has been praised for his work in finding a parade held to a relatively small committee, in sobriety.

Beyond the stain on the reputation caused by the comments of John Galliano, Bernard Arnault did not like his behavior during the case, "[he] did not even have the courtesy to call me" . Between shame, regret and professionalism, the future of fashion is still very uncertain. Find the survey of 50 MN Inside the fall of John Galliano

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