Saturday, June 25, 2011

Megan Fox goes back to Steven Spielberg, fortunately her little husband Brian Austin Green is here (photos)

Megan Fox, her little husband, Brian Austin Green, and the young son of the latter, Kassius, born from a previous marriage, were seen during a family outing as they strolled the streets of Los Feliz (a city, which means "happy" in Spanish, rather in keeping with the happy family!) yesterday in California.

The actress of "Jennifer's Body" was literally taped to the arm of the hump tattooed kid who became known through the series Beverly Hills 90210. The girl would it compete with Kassius? Curious as a woman clinging to her man while her child is hanging on his other arm, right? Few problems with the maternal instinct Megan? It seems the pictures she has more need papouillée, and be at the heart of the lovely touches that Kasssius, 9, which looks like two drops of water to his dad, his mom is a reminder other than Vanessa Marcil who also played in the series "Beverly Hills".

The family had lunch at the restaurant before enjoying the afternoon, immortalized by the paparazzi. It should be noted that Megan Fox is struggling to establish itself in the cinema will be on view in the comedy "The Dictator" ("The Dictator" for release in May 2012) which has already sparked controversy before the shooting.

"The Dictator" will discuss the history of a dictator by actor Borat (a nod to Saddam Hussein) ready to do anything to prevent democracy to win his oppressed people ... What a program, not sure that this new role will boost the image of the beautiful brunette who started back, not unless the director and producer Steven Spielberg, yes nothing less! Ace Hollywood has indeed fired the actress filming the final installment of "Transformers" (no one knew the reasons for this change so far) after she compared the director Michael Bay to Hitler Declaring ...

that the director was acting "like a Hitler on the set," Megan Fox, took big risks. In an interview with GQ magazine, Michael Bay is due to the replacement of the actress by her sister Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: "She was in another world with its BlackBerry. She was not concentrated. What about Hitler, Steven Spielberg, who acted as producer said, 'fired on the spot'.

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