Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk to the beach, a way to CR7 to calm his nerves?

After spending some romantic days in Turkey with his girlfriend Irina Shayk, Cristiano Ronaldo, the player managed Real Madrid, and his statuesque Russian doll, make their home in Algarve in Portugal to spend their last days of vacation with the rest of the family! It was photographed today (June 30), with Irina while both enjoy the pleasures of the beach and the glorious sunshine that hits hard on the Mediterranean coast.

To this day by the sea, Irina had opted for a two-piece swimsuit fluorescent yellow, not really at the top but very discreet in order to highlight the tan value, while Ronaldo has set his sights for a short beige ! The couple wears the sacred colors, careful not to sunbathe excessively, we know the sun damage, especially Irina who lends his image to the prevention campaign against the sun on the skin for the campaign 'Protect the skin you' re in 'which aims to raise funds for the NYU Cancer Institute.

To see her walk with her caramel tan, one wonders if it is a good ambassador for the risks associated with abuse of sun ... And hope that this stay calm nerves CR7 which seems a bit on edge, because if Cristiano loves the benefits of his fame, he is struggling with the disadvantages resulting light! Yes, the young man, family man, attacked a paparazzo who was taking a picture while walking the streets of Marina de Vilamoura (a public place then!) By insulting him copiously.

It is unfortunate that celebrities resent their popularity just to get going on their rights and collect big fees and they always attack the media interested in their image, what do you think? He will not publicize his minor child, it can be understood easily and is a decision that must be respected but it would perhaps he agrees to be a celebrity who is dating a supermodel while as well known as him, that he would avoid the blows of blood!

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