Saturday, June 25, 2011

Noel Gallagher has married ... without the presence of his brother Liam

Former guitarist of rock band Oasis, Noel Gallagher, was married last Saturday (June 18th) with his fiancée Sara McDonlad. Parents of two children (Donovan and Sonny) and been together for eleven years, the couple, who had met in Ibiza in 2000, said "yes" in Lime Wood Hotel in Hampshire, in southern England .

His family is now what matters most to Noel Gallagher, he is also the father of a daughter, Anais, born from a previous relationship with Meg Matthews. It is therefore the second marriage for the guitarist who divorced in 2001. After the band split, Oasis guitarist had announced to want to devote himself entirely to his wife and children.

Of the sixty guests at the prestigious ceremony, there was comedian Russell Brand (the husband of singer Katy Perry), a longtime friend of Noel Gallagher, but no trace of Liam Gallagher's brother Noel. Both Gallagher didn't spoken since 2009 when they dissolved the group after a violent quarrel on the sidelines of a festival in France.

However, Liam was invited to the ceremony. An invitation that sounded like a rapprochement between the two brothers. "This is my brother. It's a con, but my brother, so I guess he should be present. Yes, I want him to be there. The family is the family for days like this and it would make many people happy.", Said Noel Gallagher. Gallagher family hoped the marriage would allow the two former members of the group Oasis to make peace for this special day. But hate is tough. Liam Gallagher being of the same family is not enough! "To my brother, he needs more than having my blood. He lives his life now, and I live mine, " he replied in turn.

In other words, the band Oasis is definitely dead and buried ... unless a miracle ...
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