Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patrick Dempsey leaves Grey's Anatomy

A new catastrophe for all the fans who do not consider one second following the adventures of Seattle Grace Hospital's internal without the presence of Dr. Mamour cute and her dimples. The probable cause of this departure? Patrick Dempsey is tired of her character whose evolution is slow, and sometimes incomprehensible actions: "I have more and more difficult to justify the actions of my character.

Why is he with this woman (Meredith)? It is high time that these characters have an adult behavior, credible. It is my great frustration. "He said in TV Magazine. The actor sees the twenty-two episodes from the eighth season as a test of passage. If things do not improve, if Dr. Derek Shepherd continues to stagnate and the writers do not find a better plot, will make its white coat, "If the scenario continues in this 'nonsense', I believe that it will stop the charge for the good of all."

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