Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ashley Tisdale agrees to a romantic evening with her boyfriend Scott Speer

Making a break in his busy schedule, Ashley Tisdale was photographed last night (June 23) on her way to the restaurant for a romantic dinner in Hollywood. She is with her boyfriend, Scott Speer, the star of the film "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure". They took advantage of a pleasant moment of relaxation! A pleasant evening for the young lady who wanted to share his enthusiasm with his fans via his Twitter account "I'm out on the town with my boyfriend and his sister Julie tonight, a good time with your family." Definitely some stars cannot live without social networks to share every detail of their private lives, just yesterday Kim Kardashian has posted a "special" stream to his fans! The couple was immortalized by the paparazzi leaving the Katsuya restaurant for this occasion. The Disney Channel actress had opted for a casual dress, black pants with suspenders and a top patterned black and white.

The young actress has kept down to earth despite her fame, she said a few days ago "I am the same as when I was a salesgirl in a clothing store" before adding "I relax by going to the movies, having dinner with friends ... and doing housework at home! ". Simple pleasures for those who played  in the series "High School Musical." Ashley does not see the celebrity as a disability, on the contrary "What is great with the reputation is that there is new knowledge and that we have the chance to do what we like".

It's good to hear, when we know that some stars believe their popularity as a burden!

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