Monday, June 27, 2011

Selena Gomez is on every front, attention to overwork!

Selena Gomez definitely lives blessed moments, except for his little health concern occurred there ten days due to poor diet, the beautiful brunette queue of happy days as a point of personally and professionally. The singer and actress is on every front, this week she attended the premiere (June 23) of his film "Monte Carlo" in New York AMC Loews cinema (the day she was still in Florida the promotion of the film!), a feature film due out in the United States on July 1 and August 24 in France.

For the presentation of the movie where she played opposite Blake Lively, and Katie Cassidy, Selena was able to count on the support of her boyfriend, Canadian singer, who attended the screening with his favorite little witch. Monte Carlo is a comedy by Thomas Bezucha, and tells the story of three young American women who go to France for a holiday in Paris.

Nothing exciting to do this, until one of them, Grace, played by Selena Gomez, was taken to an English heiress, a confusion that will allow him to lead the high life with her friends in Monte Carlo! Always very dynamic for the promotion of the film, the star was also June 23 at the show "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," she told the presenter dressed in a lovely beige strapless dress she was very proud of her role in "Monte Carlo" while confident that it marked a new chapter of her film career.

Selena Gomez does not hide these days that it wishes to invest more in film than in the music ... A declaration does not prevent Miss Gomez to release a new album called "When the Sun Goes Down" and have this week unveiled the new music video for her latest single "Love You Like A Love Song." This Chapter deals with the feeling that an individual feels euphoric when starting a romantic relationship, an obvious allusion to Justin Bieber.

In this video, Selena is presented in the guise of different women and increases the outfits and other disguises, the world is colorful, whimsical, sparkling ... However, a small question, where are the horses dyed pink, a bias that aroused controversy, including anger and the singer Pink.

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