Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jennifer Lopez, motherhood has changed, especially in his line, she says without embarrassment!

It has been three years since Jennifer Lopez gave birth to her twins, Emme and a little girl a little boy Max, and the star admits she no longer has the same shape since giving birth despite his efforts to keep fit ! Jlo wants to reassure other women who are struggling to find their bodies before pregnancy, it carries the same battle, despite his fame and fortune that allow access to many health fitness ...

As she says , playing sports and eating healthy are two essential elements for maintaining a line and more tonic when you put a child into the world "I work a lot with a personal trainer, not once or twice a week but every day "said frankly speak for" I'm into you. " Actress and singer admits that motherhood also disrupts the way of life "must change their lifestyle completely and adjust to his new life." The wife of Marc Anthony goes on to say "no woman can give birth to a child and be at the top the next day, it takes a lot of work." That's said, Jlo full-time bump to maintain a pace that enables it to compete with her sisters, and still proudly display on stage, spent 40 years, revealing a transparent legging his famous butt still strong! And then she can count on his two adorable children who are full of energy to burn calories, this was the case June 25 when the one we continue to call the bomba latina, took the two little ones s 'burst at Disneyland in California with his mother and sisters.

So it is quite simply that the star has enjoyed a sunny day in park BSG family, dressed in a simple shorts, a pink top, and without an ounce of makeup, Jennifer flew Dumbo the elephant and pushed the stroller with energy of her daughter, caught in the act of tasting popcorn. Warning Jlo'll have to force a little more about the abs after that! But finally when the real fun was there, not having the figure of 20 years and enjoy life with those we love, right?

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