Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anna Kournikova confides in her love affair with Enrique Iglesias

After eight years together and this in the utmost discretion, singer Enrique Iglesias and former tennis player Anna Kournikova always seem to run perfect love! For once, the pretty blonde has agreed to make a few secrets about his romantic relationship with the interpreter of "Bailamos" the British newspaper "Daily Telegraph".

The young woman found to have complete confidence in her marriage, and she said not even feel any jealousy in front of thousands of female fans who swoon at the beautiful brown, on the contrary she is proud of its success! "The more of a fan, I'm more happy for him, I know he loves to perform on stage before the

We must trust in the person with whom you are, otherwise, why stay together? "Said the former star of the tennis courts. She also talks about some of his daily life with the son of Julio Iglesias' we speak English, my Spanish is not good but it it is doing very well in Russian, my grandmother taught her a lot of vocabulary.

I think they are in love with it! "Adding that his grandmother" divides his time between Russia and the United States and has learned a lot from the singer. " About her partner, she adds, "is an incredible person, very sweet and with a great sense of humor," is a woman who found the Shoe Fits, there's no doubt! Enrique Iglesias had met Anna Kournikova while shooting the music video "Escape" and did not left since that day! A story that is moving, and as Enrique's mother, Isabel Preysler, does not understand why his son does not finalize the relationship.

"The dream of romance every woman is to dress as a bride," said she. But as the singer says her mother, a paper will not change his relationship with his better half "they live together, but a formalization is as important, it gives a sense of security," said Isabel. Well sure, the singer's mother would be well grandmother! Enrique knows what it needs to be done to meet his mom (and maybe his girlfriend ...), a good marriage and a beautiful blue flower in the wake baby!

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