Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lady Gaga is denounced by misappropriation

Before that, last Saturday, the pop artist of the moment were headlining the festival held in Japan for the earthquake victims came the news that has been sued. Misappropriation charges have not been like the artist, but even worse is that everything has been caused by the sale of bracelets charities.

Gaga went on sale bracelets, "We pray for Japan" to help Japanese affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated much of the island of the rising sun. The price of each bracelet was $ 5 to when we had to add $ 3.99 for shipping and 60 cents tax. The shipment cost only a dollar less that the bracelet suggested to many that there was cheating.

1-800-Law-Firm, Michigan, has denounced the artist lying on its website and write that 100% of the proceeds would be for Japan when in fact the business of shipping has been a generous amount money to the singer. Ari Kresch, a lawyer who has complained, he said that "Of course I do not ask anything for myself or for my signature.

What we want is that absolutely all the money raised is going to Japan. " His colleague, Alyson Oliver adds that "We call on management to inform us and told us that some money was being held but did not know exactly how much money." If confirmed, we would see how the charity is still, fortunately, only for some, a good deal.

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