Monday, June 27, 2011

Michael Jackson: Two years after the tributes and the mainland business

Yesterday, the fans around the world celebrated the second anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. For them, the sadness is still alive. The King of Pop has not found a replacement in the heart of the public and the tributes have multiplied. Many fans have thus taken before the Memorial Park Mausoleum, near Los Angeles, where Michael Jackson is close to her friend Elizabeth Taylor.

"He only wanted to make the world better and now he's gone through this desire continues his fans who love him," said one of his admirers, a local chain of U.S.. But beyond the loss of a major artist, the disappearance of Michael Jackson has not slowed business. Quite the contrary. Thus, the famous red and black jacket that the man was in the music video "Thriller" is on sale.

And could yield between 200,000 and 400,000 dollars. Part of the proceeds should be donated to the Shambala Preserve, the association hosted two Bengal tigers, owned by the artist. While the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, opened this weekend, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the singer of "Billie Jean." The anniversary date of June 25 also benefits fully to the Jackson family.

Between album sales and concert tribute, the star of the brothers found themselves around a reality show called The Jacksons: a Family Dynasty. In addition, after the book of the mother of Michael Jackson, released last year, it was the turn of La Toya, her older sister, released a book.

Starting Over notably supports the conspiracy theory. La Toya affirms that his brother had predicted his assassination by members of his entourage coveting his wealth. Recall that the singer's doctor charged with manslaughter for having given to Michael Jackson the anesthetic propofol, has not yet been tried.

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