Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beyoncé Knowles has lacked friends in adolescence

It can be a star known worldwide and have been alone. This is what has given the. The one who realized early on his desire to become a singer told the reporter that asked him a few sacrifices, including a normal social life as a young teenager: "Socially I really missed things. I left school at 14 and had a tutor.

I've never been in contact with other people the same age long enough to make friends so the family members have become friends in a way, "she said before handing it not regret his choice and it could not have done otherwise. Because the evidence came very early to Beyoncé: "When I was 7, I danced on stage for the first time and I had a real crush on the feelings and emotions that it gave me.

"It was right to persevere in his voice because, some years singing with Destiny's Child, she pursued a solo career that many singers envy!

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