Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lady Gaga charged byfraud

Known to support the oppressed and have the hand on heart, Lady Gaga would especially on the wallet. That's what the suspect 1-800-LAW-FIRM law firm, accusing it of having used copiously on the profits of selling bracelets to help tsunami victims in Japan. Designed by the singer, jewelry bore the inscription "We pray for Japan" and a hand with a scratch, the hallmark of Gaga.

Sold for $ 5, with an additional $ 0.60 in taxes, they required the shipping set at $ 3.99, an extravagant sum for a product as small and light. It is through this scam that the star would have turned 3 to $ 5 million, the company shared with Bravado, who made the bracelets. Two days ago, it announced the sale of a T-shirt designed for the Japanese version of Vogue magazine, the profit should again return to the victims' associations.

The last weekend, Lady Gaga singing The Edge of Glory and Born This Way to the MTV Music Aid Japan, confirming his passionate love for this country.

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