Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roberts faced by Stewart and Snow White

Kris Stewart and Julia Roberts have begun a "war" to see what version of Snow White is released before. While Roberts's version is still in the process of filming, Stewart seems much more advanced but his statements about the other film has already provoked the reaction of the American press.

Stewart commented: "I think Roberts's version of Snow White is pretty classic and maybe that will appeal to a kind of spectator rather outdated. I think Snow White and the Huntsman are an update of the legendary tale, more modern and more focused on the love story."

Chris Hemsworth version starring Stewart while Lily Collins is the actress who will play Snow White in the version of Roberts. Julia has already confirmed it will be the March 15, 2012 when his film will be released. Paul Dergarabedian, head of controlling sales of movie tickets in the United States, said that "I see difficult to convince the viewer to see 2 times the same thing.

The first version will sell more tickets than the second.

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