Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lady Gaga encourage tourism in Japan

She has a big heart, Lady Gaga, and it is not the first time it shows. Moving to Japan for the MTV Video Music Aid concert to be held Japan in Tokyo Saturday, the singer took the opportunity to make a beautiful statement. In tears, she showed how the fate of the country close to his heart and encouraged her fans to come into the country without concern for supporting, in turn, the Japanese people, "I think it's time look to the future.

It's so important that we continue to raise money. But it is equally important to remind the world that Japan is now safe and the doors are wide open for tourists to come enjoy this beautiful country. "She then drank tea in front of photographers. The cup will be sold to benefit the Red Cross.

Recall that the singer has returned no less than three million dollars to help the country.

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