Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cory Monteith had problems with drugs

The protagonist of the series Glee, Cory Monteith confesses in Parade magazine that he had serious problems of drug addiction that began at an early age. The actor is far from being a model such as Finn Hudson each week on the Fox show "I'm not Finn Hudson," he says in this interview to appear Sunday.

"I'm fortunate in many ways," says the actor, 29. "I'm lucky to be alive." His parents divorced when he was seven and at thirteen he ran away from school, drank, smoked pot and at 16, was out of control. Of course, he went from pot to harder drugs "anything and everything," he says. "As much as possible."
"I had a big problem," he says. His mother and some friends tried to help and at 19 he entered rehab. "I did it a while, but then I returned to the old habits," he recalls. The change of life came in an unexpected way: "I stole a large amount of money from  a member of my family," he says. "I knew I was going to be caught, but I was so desperate I did not care," he explains.
Accused of theft, he confessed: "It was really the first thing that came out of my mouth in years." The family gave him an ultimatum: to leave the drugs or to face charges for theft. "I fought against myself. I said, "I look at my life and find out why I did this," he says. He ended in a center in Canada where he could detoxify and began taking acting classes.

"I do not want the kids think it's okay to leave school ... But that could help people: be realistic about what you want and try your best" he said. Certainly a courageous witness.

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