Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prince Harry is no longer single

While the handsome Harry said a few days ago to be 100% single - thus understand that after many years of love more or less happy with, it was open to all proposals - that we learn that it is already cased. With Pippa Middleton? No. Prince Harry has set his sights on a young blonde woman, lingerie model option of her condition, and by the name of Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

A well-born woman as it descends from an English war hero. And especially a woman who has every chance to get a place in the heart of Harry. "This is just the beginning, but between Harry and Florence, it fits well. It's funny, blonde, and very pretty. Harry loves him really well." A relative told the British newspaper The Sun.
It is still unclear what the royal family think of this romance.

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