Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lily Allen had planned her pregnancy for her wedding!

Lily Allen was convinced that she is pregnant on her wedding day ... The British singer had planned it certainly expect a happy event when she chose her wedding dress in January! It is the designer of her wedding dress, Delphine Collin, who revealed the information: "We knew from the start in January, that Lily wanted to be pregnant, so I created the dress she wore in silk tulle underneath to make it comfortable with a small belly.

We were very excited when she told us the news. It was wonderful. "It submitted that the star had chosen her dress months before the ceremony, but she wanted to keep secret the name of the designer. Many comments suggesting that Lily Allen wore a Chanel at her wedding, a way to cover their tracks.

Delphine Collin said: "Like all brides, the dress she wanted to be a surprise. "Lily Allen is married to Sam Cooper on June 11 in Gloucestershire, England. She took this memorable day to announce to the guests that she was four months pregnant. Then the couple headed to France for their honeymoon ...

The bride and groom and parents were seen repeatedly in the streets in Paris in recent days. Program visit tourist sites and gastronomic capital ... Unfortunately for the couple, the paparazzi are watching their every move ... Not really all that romantic!

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