Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clash in Monaco: Charlene ready to leave the Prince Albert before the wedding!

A week ago, Charlene Wittstock was at the airport of Nice, about to embark without returning to South Africa, shattered by revelations about the personal life of her future husband. A fugue that the royal family of Monaco was quickly interrupted. Zapper marriage as the principality of Monaco is under way for months in preparation for the festivities on Saturday? Impossible.

The minimum service information is from the Express, which ensures that the beautiful Charlene Wittstock does now that ensuring "minimum service" on its obligations to future princess. That takes a terrible cold on the wedding that everyone was getting ready to celebrate. In fact, Charlene has already learned a while ago that Prince Albert had a child of adulterous love with Nicole Coste.

Could it be the same type of information that would upset the South African swimmer? We could learn more quickly, the German magazine Bunte being aware of more accurate information. The sad emotions in Monaco for the Grimaldi would it being over Charlene continue? The young woman is she trying to commit to a future far less magical than expected? Charlene Wittstock will in any case before the cameras of the world on Saturday, reversed its decision to flee on the insistence of the Grimaldi family and her future husband Prince Albert.

In Monaco, the rumor has caused excitement and all the press is watching the slightest clue about the clash between the bride and groom. The face of the future princess may well be less radiant than expected this weekend.

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