Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan owes its freedom to tea!

Despite the fiestas held on the roof, the open bottles of wine enthroned in his apartment, even when she is alone, and the onset of his regular electronic bracelet anti-alcohol, Lindsay Lohan was released yesterday. If this new big world is not surprising, since the actress always comes out with a few torrents of tears  and heart-breaking statements swearing that she is on the path of redemption, a detail we surprises.

How the judge she could swallow his story of tea alcoholic? Indeed, only Lilo to have the nerve to attribute the failure of his alcohol tests at a detox tea brand, Kombucha, which contains 0.5% alcohol ... To believe that Hollywood , just very hard to believe the lie that everyone believes in it! Now guaranteed not to end up behind bars (at least for that time), Lilo will she resist the call of the bottle?

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