Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman, two stars of course but also two mother hens!

Taking its obligations as a mother very seriously, Halle Berry may well be a star, it is no woman on the street months when it comes to her child, so she was out of school yesterday retrieve her daughter, Nahla, and buy him his lunch! The beautiful actress of 44 years came back bundle of joy born of his love affair with model Gabriel Aubry at her school located in West Hollywood, then she went to buy ice cream for his little chip can be on time so freshener four hours of waiting!

It has to be proud of Halle Berry, her daughter is beautiful and has held many a young child, no doubt it will be the worthy heir of Catwoman in a few years! Mother and daughter had opted for flowers held in this beautiful summer day enjoying each occasion from each other, when it's not Dad who takes care of her little princess! Even great maternal instinct developed for the Australian actress Nicole Kidman, who she also aged 44, from separating more than his two young daughters, Faith and Sunday (fruits of his love for the musician Keith Urban), two red doll that convent as a real mother hen! The mother and her two girls were spotted yesterday at the Sydney airport while the aircraft had landed on the birthplace of the actress.

The actress of "Eyes Wide Shut" is no doubt, came to see his family with his two treasures, a long journey that had not begun the good mood of the star, very smiling at the paparazzi who were waiting to terminal. Information for the actress to the skin of milk could join the cast of the upcoming film by Lee Daniels, "Paperboy," it would replace and Sofia Vergara.

As for the feline Halle Berry, it could make its appearance on the small screen (source Deadline), by playing a teacher in a series entitled "Higher Learning". Both rumors could be confirmed soon ...

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