Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love is in the meadow: a very hot season!

The class is the appointment of the sixth season of love is in the field! Fabien is the cowboy of service, which launched the offensive against the two contenders, Séverine and Virginia. The beautiful blonde took out his gun cruising favorite, a tray of cheese and white wine to seduce young girls, to whom he proposed a very elegant piece of baguette.

"You like your ass or you do not like your ass? "(Bread, so ...) he has swung, causing uncomfortable laughter and surprising response in Virginia:" I like the ass! ". It has the merit of being clear. With a farmer in hot blood, and two girls who sleep in the same room, just steps from his own, life will not be sad ...

Meanwhile, lunch with the parents of Sylvain, Valerie discovered the delicacy of his future father-in potential, which amused his passion for bowling, "You're used to playing bowls, then! ". Class A Note well, it supports an aside: "She did not look like a nun. "Between two points gravel, the show also promises a few fights in the mud between Sabine and Nina, who already hated, even before arriving at Philippe.

Strongly next week ...

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