Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Justin Bieber: is his life in danger?

Justin Bieber is a young, cute, rich and famous... and thus he arouses the jealousy against his will. All the ingredients to attract unbalanced! The young man was unfortunately charges last week, during an autograph session at a Macy's to launch a new fragrance called "Someday." One man jumped over the security gates for the bully! The boyfriend of Selena Gomez quietly signed autographs for her fans last Thursday (June 23), when an individual of about forty years jumped on it, projecting it violently to the ground.

Fortunately, the security service is very quickly intervened to stop the troublemaker, he was then handed over to police. Justin Bieber, now used to this kind of overflow, kept his cool and only suffers from minor injuries ... More fear than harm it! A source who witnessed the scene said: "Justin Bieber entered the store, it seemed in shock and he held his arm.

Inside, he was comforted by his father and his bodyguard, Kenny. "After the incident, Justin Bieber, very professional, quickly regained his many fans who had traveled to the famous Herald Square in New York. Justin Bieber security around may be even more enhanced ...

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