Monday, June 27, 2011

Celebrities react after the approval of gay marriage in New York

Having approved gay marriage in the state of New York, there have been many celebrities who wanted to join to comment, via Twitter, this historic event. If you gay groups worldwide have recognized that this step is important for the United States, actors, musicians and artists who want to comment also share the joy of these groups.

Access Hollywood On the following testimonies have been collected. Lady Gaga says "I can not stop mourn, we've got kids." Rosie O'Donnell uses wordplay to state that "The guys / gays have become happy." Cyndi Lauper says that "I have never felt so proud to be New York and now when finally approved the marriage equality." Ellen DeGeneres says "I am struck by what I get from New York, equality in marriage.

Good news. " Pink says that "It was time that homosexuals have got this right." Steve Martin Alec Baldwin says, "Alec, at last we can get married" to which Baldwin replied "Okay ... but only if you play the banjo after 11 at night."

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