Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prince Charles and Camilla could be living a crisis

With all necessary reservations we echo the information published by People magazine in the English version of what makes us think that might be true what they say. The pairing of Charles and Camilla would be living an emotional crisis. The Duchess of Cornwall would be doing some dereliction of duties for some time and experts in the British Crown had no hesitation in saying that, despite the apparent normality, would not be surprising that soon informed of the couple's divorce.

A friend of the couple indicates that Camilla "just wants to be with her grandchildren and has no intention of doing anything else." The passage of years has meant that the Duchess has finished quite tired of the protocol and what it means to be married the future King of England. Camilla spends time at Ray Mill, the house where they took refuge when he divorced Andrew Parker Bowles and Prince Charles seems to turn a deaf ear to calls for more attention Camilla and changes in their daily lives.

The heir seems to be very focused on the ecology and saving the world, his pessimistic vision of the future of the planet is something that Camilla does not like that, little by little has lost interest in her husband and now is the center the concerns of his closest friends.

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