Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pamela Anderson denounced by an ex-boyfriend

The fashion of the claims made famous is raging. The latest to join the list is Pamela Anderson. His partner and ex-boyfriend, Laurence Hallier, has decided for the failure to build an apartment block in which they were partners. 22 million and a half dollars is the amount claimed. We put on record. Hallier is a company in the Panorama Towers in Las Vegas and signed a collaboration agreement with Anderson in 2006.

The idea is that Pam is the image of a new block of apartments in exchange for promotional campaign that Anderson would receive a flat owned. Hallier says that, unlike Leo DeCaprio who managed to sell up to 100 apartments, Pamela Anderson just did nothing to sell these apartments and their partnership grew weaker appearance after appearance.

In short, they just sold an apartment. The builder said that the unsold apartments that amount to the figure who claims the actress. Meanwhile Pam has denounced Hallier complaints 1 million U.S. dollars and receiving no departure after the campaign and he pledged to pay that amount if you did not give the apartment.

As usual, the builder has said that by not doing your job or Anderson will give the apartment and going to pay anything. The management of the actress has given no answer so everything seems to be completely true. New scandal that we will play during this summer boot. Keep you informed.

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