Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding of Albert of Monaco and Charlene

Indeed, for several generations, the family faces, regularly, the misfortunes associated with love lives of members of the royal family. In 1982, Rainieraffronte the death of his wife Princess Grace, died in a car accident. The couple was united in 1956 and gave birth to Caroline, Albert and Stephanie.

The eldest, a few years later will turn against the death of her husband (the second) Stefano Casiraghi in a boating accident. And Stephanie - whose union with Daniel Ducruet had attracted many comments - will face the scandal by finding pictures of Daniel in the company of a stripper at a swimming pool, a little over a year after their marriage.

She divorced and remarried Adans Lopez Peresdont she divorced a year later. After all these misfortunes, it is time for the Grimaldi family to experience a happy marriage. Let us hope that this will finally be the case.

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