Friday, June 24, 2011

Lindsay Lohan is being waged, at the moment, the prison

Lindsay Lohan has been spared for the prison. Despite the other day as a positive control alcohol test, the judge has decided to give a respite to continue to demonstrate what is capable but also pointed out that not putting too much on your part to fulfill its sentence. On June 13 Lohan failed a urine test in which he found that he had been drinking.

Although they passed the drug tests were done, the intake of alcohol broke the conditions of his probation. Prosecutors said at his trial yesterday, "The defendant has shown no intention of changing its attitude and we should be guarded for some time." Defending Lohan had an argument in the manga was the one who saved his client.

Apparently Lohan read her sentence to the letter in his period of probation between January 3 and February 25, would only be subjected to tests for drugs but not alcohol. The new sentence was the same as before so she knew that nothing would happen if he drank. Lohan remains under house arrest since May 26 by the famous theft of a necklace from a jewelry in Venice, California.

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