Thursday, May 26, 2011

Carla Bruni shows her pregnancy at the meeting of G8

Carla Bruni has expressed her pregnancy at the G8 meeting. This holder would have no significance if not for the presidency of the neighboring country has not made any official note. Sarkozy and Bruni have played dismissal for pregnancy now publicly show has not fallen very well to the press. The beautiful first lady of France has chosen to wear a white dress to hide as far as possible, the pregnancy but several photos in which the president shows off her tummy to a number of people has made us think we can make for quite confirmed the news .

While the press officer of the French president and said he did not intend to give any statement about it because that belonged to the couple's private life, which Bruni was not "covered" the least has caused a wave of reactions. Several French magazines have published several times, that Bruni is expecting twins and delivery is expected in October.

The absence of Bruni in Cannes and other official events had confirmed the news that we can now see with the naked eye. We can only wish the couple best for this pregnancy. Although I try not to think it will get to stay away from the media forever. That's why I continue inquires promptly of everything that happens about as welcome news.

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