Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DSK affair: man deciphered by "Special Envoy"

The suspicions about Dominique Strauss-Kahn is heavy, the findings seem overwhelming. While the case that erupted ten days ago now obviously mobilized the attention of all the press following hour by hour the place of events. At the time of DSK still looking for a home in New York where his wife, Anne Sinclair, continues to support it against all odds, the media are finding new ways to approach the subject until the trial and after the case in several months.

On France 2, "Special Envoy" will broadcast a documentary Thursday, May 26 on "Enygma DSK. The ambition of the show? Getting to know the politician and the man short for understanding led him where his obsessions and his political career, how his fate has switched to a presidential year where he seemed a very possible candidate of the PS at the top of his popularity.

A program that should appeal to its supporters as its destroyers.

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