Wednesday, May 25, 2011

X Factor: the catchphrase of the show

Frustrated and angry to see his last group in a bad position in X Factor, Henri Padovani was again split comments not always very nice with the other competitors. Little guessing game ... In the game of small quips, Henri Padovani, the coach of the groups that has split sentences nastiest cults, detailed review ...

"For some awards, she showed she could do anything but sing like a figurehead," Henry Pdovani about Marina D'Amico who made the show for her cover of Rihanna, a week after he dared to measure Beyoncé. "It's hard to start a program. But you sang well. But when Rihanna sings this song, it forces you to listen to what she tells you.

You is not there yet," Henri Padovani yet which targets the young woman who was only 17 years! Vocally, it was perfect! But when you give such a performance, be a little haughty, dear! C'mon thoroughly excited Christophe Willemau edge of ecstasy! I have seen progress between rehearsals and premium tonight.

I see the emergence of a superstar. You're growing up, dixit Olivier Schultes, real father for the youngest candidate in the contest The X Factor another victim of the day is Sarah Manesse decidedly girls were not formed by the jury "I n not adhere to the title. Muse made a good recovery, voted the best recovery.

I know you have an interesting timbre, sometimes twangy, but I think it lacks safe. I did not like "according to Henri Padovani still I find that since the last premium, and tonight it's a new life for you baby ... is of course the band Québecquoises Véronic Dicaire, always quick to praise , even given the Franglais

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