Thursday, May 26, 2011

Justin Bieber has tattooed the name of Jesus

As we have informed, the couple formed by Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez headed to Hawaii after the last Billborard awards which were held over the weekend. Both were captured by the paparazzi taking a romantic stroll hand in hand. Following the images in which, Bieber goes topless with just wearing a bathing suit with his girlfriend, and although at first unnoticed tattooing and its significance became apparent only now under investigation after images, one can say that named 'Jesus' tattooed but in Hebrew, is Yeshua.

Something that is not surprising when you consider that Canada is very proud of their religious beliefs. Remember that just after turning 16, the singer drew a small bird on one side of the gut. Although the tattoo says it has been done on the basis of being one of the top winners at Billboard, can not be true because it is completely dry, uncovered, suggesting that it has many more days.

Once the tattoo has been unveiled, the network Twitter is buzzing with comments from their fans and there are several hypotheses that are shuffled around when it has been possible, although the stronger version is that it may did in his trip to Israel as we know even prayed at the Wailing Wall.

Now we wonder if the musical idol of tattoo will give every part of your body as it seems is the fashion in the singers.

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