Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nikos Injured locked, it is absent from radios and TVs

Hard drive for an asset like Nikos to stay home, stop. It is a "bobo old judo" which requires him to stay in bed and stop running radio studios in TV shows for a few days. "No radio, no TV. I'm really sorry, but my knee did not seem to joke," says the presenter on Twitter. So, no Nikos for 50MN Inside this weekend, Sandrine Quétier will only confirm what he said.

The messages are many consolations for the human PAF particularly popular is not bored even from his home. "Thank you for your messages of support ... I adapt as I can this pain. That should go, do not worry friends," he reassures live. Nikos recently announced his departure from the morning of NRJ, on good terms with the radio he stated but ready to turn to new horizons.

Once it is back!

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