Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kate Middleton can not have children, new lie In touch

Already some weeks ago that In Touch had remained mostly silent or at least publish news after testing whether they were real but always pulls the mountain goat and we fear that this time the consequences for the publication can be quite substantial. Before knowing the truth, once again the hand of Gossip Cop, we will try to discuss what this magazine publishes.

On the cover we can read "Will and Kate with a broken heart. A doctor confirmed that she can not have children and also explain why you can not adopt a child. " Tremendous. Based on "a source close to the royal family" have no problem posting that "Camilla told our reporter that due to the excesses committed by Kate during their adolescence, the Duchess of Cambridge can not become pregnant.

The Royal Family is very worried because they have just learned that the girl can not ever give them an heir. Fertility testing was done before the wedding so indicate. "

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