Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kristen Stewart arrives in London without Robert Pattinson

The heroine of Twilight, Kristen Stewart landed in London, accompanied by "a bodyguard", but there was no sign of Robert Pattinson who is from the UK capital. The girl came with a very casual style, which we are accustomed. With her hair pulled and more copper, with large sunglasses, wide black trousers, a blue hooded sweatshirt and Converse sneakers.

We had that came with a tall boy, who protected him from the paparazzi and carrying a bag in his hand and a backpack hanging. You know how little Kristen Stewart likes to take pictures outside it releases and promotions, something he shares with Rob, which may be a reason for this has not gone to the airport.

The trip to London makes us wonder if he stayed with his companion and partner Robert Pattinson and if visiting the parents and sister. But can there be work also led to the British city, and that Snow White and the hunter starts shooting in London in late summer and E! Online account is likely that the actress is in town to begin pre-production phase of the film.

The most recent occasions that the actress had been allowed to see, have been walking her dog in New York, at the gala fashion institute, very elegant in a red dress and long black, and in late April during the filming of Dawn in Vancouver where he could see with Robert Pattinson.

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