Wednesday, May 25, 2011

President Obama visits Buckingham Palace

The U.S. president and his wife are on an official visit to the UK and have a corresponding stop in Buckingham Palace. The most curious is that the hosts have been the Duke of Cambridge, they were not invited to his wedding protocol obligations. The Obama spent about 20 minutes mingling happily with the young.

The return of their honeymoon in the Seychelles, and the first official visit to them has been perfect to begin laying the ground for a future occupation of the royal throne. The atmosphere has been described by media as "relaxed and friendly." Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were in charge of showing the different rooms of the palace, the Scots Guards played the U.S.

national anthem as a sign of respect to visitors were pleasantly surprised by the welcome of the British monarchy. Dined at the palace yesterday noted above, the Obamas will be 2 nights in Buckingham and enjoy a six-room suite. The last who used this suite were just newlyweds William and Kate.

At the moment no reviews for all tastes on this visit. The provide an official visit when you have not met or the first month of the royal wedding like a true marketing move by Obama. Moreover, his stay in Ireland and its proximity to the town has become the hub of all comments of the British press.

Perhaps that attitude is the future success of the monarchy.

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