Thursday, May 26, 2011

Malena Costa talks about her wedding with Carles Pujol tweeted

The model Malena Costa spoke about the rumors that had been planted in Twitter Gerard Pique on his wedding with his partner Carlos Costa. The Mallorcan had the Hawaiian Tropic new range for 2011 and ensured that even she did not commit, will not be true. "I have 21 years, so I think I'm too young, but hey, that until they ask you do not know," he said leaving the door open.

On May 20, Piqué posted on its official website twitter several messages that hint at a future wedding: "Am I the best man?? Oooooooohh !!!!! @ Il Carles5puyol machine. lus diguise això em! Molt Sereu happy! ". The girl said that everything is going very well both in love and in work, besides having a wonderful family and some friends.

Looking ahead to the holidays, the model was that their plans are "going to the beach as much as I can" and the sites he likes are "Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca." Of course, I love combining it with Carles Pujol, but will have to see if their agendas are complementary. In his life as a couple trying to put aside fashion and sport.

Malena Costa will go with some friends to the final of the Champions League will face FC Barcelona and Manchester United. The final will be played next Saturday May 28 at 20.45 at the legendary Wembley Stadium in London as we had in High Pulse.

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