Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lady Gaga is delivering soup to Whoopi Goldberg

Sympathetic to the plight of Whoopi, who plays Judas wish to make a gesture and help in its own way. Neither one, nor two, she delivered a hot soup at the home of Whoopi Goldberg. And the least we can say is that the latter was affected by attention: "I was at home, sweating with fever, and I tried to treat me.

The doorbell rang and a man comes to me chicken soup. I opened the card and it was a gift from Lady Gaga. It was really adorable. It was so good. I'm glad she did that, "she said, when delivered. In the middle of promoting her new album, Lady Gaga still finds time to think of others. Like what, you can be a world star, be presented as a worthy succession of Madonna, and be moved by a cold ...

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