Sunday, May 22, 2011

A new career for Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen and his disappointments. The problems of the actor seem endless. Domestic violence, alcohol, drugs, hysteria, and dismissal, the list is long and very old. After being fired from his sitcom My Uncle Charlie and learned that Ashton Kutcher became his replacement, Charlie Sheen has clearly need a new job.

In Hollywood, people comment and they laugh at his antics, while little serious proposals working tributary (Charlie Sheen in Mad Men, Entourage, etc.).. This time, the offer would EstablishedMen site. com. According to TMZ, this social networking site for wealthy men in search of beautiful young women, offered him a contract for 3 million dollars for three years.

If the actor was interested, he would sign an exclusive contract - it prevents any other activity - and would make him the chairman of the site with a profit of 50% over the company. Charlie Sheen would be obliged to settle in Toronto. New joke or serious offer? All advertising is clearly up for grabs.

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