Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scarlett Johansson recorded a duet with Massive Attack

, A covers album in which she revisits the legendary Tom Waits. Three years later, it gave some ideas! Scarlett Johansson has indeed been tempted by a duet with the group Massive Attack. Approached to participate in the soundtrack Alongside the trip-hop English, so she registered Summertime, we will discover shortly.

His voice hoarse should ally itself perfectly with the warmth of the English group and we look forward to hearing the result. While we do not speak for weeks, as her romance with actor Sean Penn, that should in any case allow the actress and singer to talk about his work than his private life, even long it will boost his career.

By recording this duet, Scarlett Johansson has every right and should do much, much envious!

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