Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lily Allen and Kate Moss is war

They are definitely more the best of friends! Coincidence lovers each, Kate Moss and chose to marry the same year. With the first, with the second. These are things that happen and which do, in general, not consequences. But not for the two stars! The object of their quarrel? Kate Moss the villainous deliberately chose the same date as Lily to celebrate his bachelor party girl! A betrayal that has not tasted the singer: "Lily Allen was shocked to learn that Kate was organizing his bachelor party girl the same weekend as his own.

Lily had to move his night bachelor party girl in May, and it leaves a bitter taste, "said a close the Daily Mail, adding:" Lily is Kate are now more of friend-enemy (...) Kate has not received a true invitation and does not count either send for his marriage to Lily. It's really a strange situation.

They have many mutual friends who feel the blow in this story totally divided "Bottom line, Lily Allen was actually celebrated his bachelor party girl without his girlfriend. Programme: restaurant, karaoke sprayed with champagne, and schoolboy jokes. The situation today seems insoluble between Lily and Kate, and should not be arranged in the coming months.

But, after the stress of preparation, there could be a reconciliation in the rules. Finally, we hope ...

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