Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shakira is the sacred language progress with Gerard Pique ... of course!

Shakira was shown on YouTube it can speak Catalan perfectly with her current husband, footballer Barca's Gerard Pique. The Colombian singer has left a video message to encourage in Catalan Barcelona to go to her concert to be held next Sunday, May 29 at the Olympic Stadium of Montjuic. Shortly after the singer has released this video, her boyfriend, did not fail to claim all the merit of this mastery of Catalan on his Twitter account "Shakira, what a good teacher of Catalan you there" has Gerad Pique said with pride and humor on the popular social network.

It is true that Gerard and Shakira are pros language, one could see them at work both rogues ... Shortly after leaving this little message affectionate, beautiful brown asked his partner Carles Puyol and football Malena Costa girlfriend so they can discover the message of his bomba Latina who speaks like a pro in Catalan.

He also asked if they would attend the concert Sunday, brief the sport is really addictive. Shakira began her tour "el sol Sale in Spain with the first concert in Barcelona, the city of his love, which stands for the beautiful blonde of total happiness. The star told several times that she loved this city, his video "Loca" was also filmed in the streets of "Ciudad Condal", and what better than to speak Catalan to honor its inhabitants! It is true that the young woman has a sacred motivation in the person of Gerard Pique beautiful! Love goes a long way even in fast learning of a language ...

Shakira has really Gerard in the skin and has not hesitated to mention the attractive athlete in a song while it was happening on stage in Poland the words "oh baby, When You Talk Like That, you make a woman go mad" became "Oh Pique, When You Talk Like That, you make a woman go mad" ...

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