Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dannii Minogue ready for a second child

For eleven months, the singer Dannii Minogue is the mother of a little Ethan, she had with her boyfriend Kris Smith. And because she is 39 and his desire to have a beautiful family became more and more, the star revealed to Herald Sun she was ready for a second child. It is by looking at photos of her that Ethan Dannii Minogue has come to say it could be a mother again, "I'm ready.

One night I was watching pictures of Ethan and I thought. While I'm still adjusting my schedule with the baby but it would be incredible to have a second. "Also, Dannii Minogue has had an alarm: at Easter, she had to go to hospital for acute appendicitis. A priori, this problem has been traumatized and made him realize it was time to stay at home more to ensure its role as a mother.

This is even more apparent that recently, several were rumors of tension between her and Kris Smith, vis-à-vis the balance between their professional and family lives. Rest assured, the couple spins a perfect love in Melbourne and will obviously go forward. Therefore, it will not be surprising to see Dannii Minogue pregnant in the months ahead.

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