Wednesday, June 1, 2011

January Jones: an X-Men great and invisible

Today, the lovely January Jones is playing at the ultra-awaited blockbuster X-Men: The Beginning. She played Emma Frost, as sexy as a bad cold. Fairly quiet and little known, beautiful recently joked about having superpowers. According to him, it has one: the invisibility. To argue his point, January Jones explains that few people recognize it in the street, especially when she is dressed normally.

A "superpower" that it therefore avoids all the drawbacks to celebrity. "I'm walking around in jeans and a T-shirt and I am a ponytail, and no one addressed me. "Explains January Jones Celebrity Gossip. And his anonymity goes so far that passersby never believe that it is indeed January Jones, "If we ever recognize me, because nobody believes we imagine less tiny.

I think that cameras add me a few pounds! "She adds. Yet, the actress starred in American Pie 3 and enchants the small screen thanks to its role in the series Mad Men. Methinks that some people must envy her invisibility ...

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