Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler as a couple?

Jessica Biel could she ever forget Justin Timberlake, as he always seems to love her? For, after several rumors, would be very nice, very close to the actor Gerard Butler. Since they both run the film Playing The Field, you might think it's normal. But in their spare time, Jessica Biel and her playmate act like a little couple, evidenced by their early exit by motorcycle, almost romantic.

According to their agents, they are "just friends" and have a purely professional relationship. At other? "It looks like they are married. They have a good time. "A source close to the loose site People, which saw Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel in a Tokyo restaurant, where they were the center of attention.

It must be said that their behavior was enough to cast doubt on more than one warning. In fact, they spent the evening laughing and complimenting. Gerard Butler was even allowed to bite into the base of his supposed conquest. And when they do not eat together, Jessica Biel and handsome fun outdoors: canoeing and golf for the gentleman to the lady.

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