Thursday, June 2, 2011

Justin Timberlake couple with Ahsley Olsen?

We thought the attractive couple with Olivia Wilde until the latter is seen flirting with Bradley Cooper at a party Hollywood. Yet, as always very well informed U.S. magazine, Justin Timberlake, who split from Jessica Biel to last March, would not be a heart to take. Indeed, the singer and actor had fallen for ...

Ashley Olsen! While this may surprise many of the two stars have several things in common: both were child stars, they are recently married and they both have their brand of clothing ... Sure, it's close! For those who still have doubts about this new couple, know that Justin Timberlake and Ashley Olsen have been spotted several times together in New York.

They are especially made to a party hosted by Saturday Night Live, they went to see two Broadway shows and a polo match outside the city. "They really try to keep their relationship secret," he told a magazine close to the couple. Apparently, he missed! Faced with rumors, the press officer Justin Timberlake was quick to refute the information: "They are just friends.

There is nothing between them." At the same time, if they want to keep their relationship secret, one can not imagine their press officers it official!

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