Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lady GaGa works with Versace

Although he appears provocative singer made headlines, a cache Lady GaGa outstanding business woman who led her boat to perfection. For example, just to see how thorough it chooses the least of her outfits, especially for its clips. And his latest - The Edge Of Glory - the diva opted for the prestigious Versace.

For two months, Lady Gaga dip into the archives to treat his image and go deeper into his madness visual. Remember, these are the dresses of Christian Lacroix, who had dressed for Judas. The star would be versatile. Of course, this collaboration is delight forDonatella Versace.

She is very proud that the singer has worn Versace's for the video The Edge of Glory. And when you read what she thinks of Robbie Williams, you say it does not have hesitated long before signing the contract, "Lady Gaga is not afraid to push the boundaries and created a vocabulary unprecedented mixing fashion, music, theater and art.

"She even compare to her brother Gianni, who "would have appreciated his talent."

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