Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rihanna couple with Rob Kardashian?

Rihanna explodes if the music charts, she has no chance to be part of a happy couple. Since his troubles with Chris Brown (in 2009, the singer punched her) and his break with the baseball player Matt Kemp (late 2010), a protégé of Jay-Z still does not seem to have found the Shoe Fits. But following Rihanna on Twitter, some have noted some interesting discussions - and more or less explicit - between Rob Kardashian and her.

A virtual flirting which could well end in a true romance ... Recently, Rihanna has posted on his Twitter page, "Popcon and remote in hand. "What Rob Kardashian said," I can do. "This was followed by a conversation where Rihanna Rob taxed baby - joked about the fact that it was time to go to bed - and the brother of Kim Kardashian has finally said" You can go to bed .

But Rob has an idea in mind: to find a rider for the wedding of her sister Kris Humphries, a wonderful marriage announced more than Kate and William. Rihanna, Rob Kardashian find a company of first choice, it goes without saying.

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