Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hearings: a Dr. House always on top

Dr. House continues to fascinate viewers. The release, last night three episodes of the series, including two unpublished gathered nearly 8 million people in the first two and 5.5 million for the second part of the evening or 31 and 32% audience share. The cynic Gregory House and his team are strong men of the evening, other chains competing the rest of the public, remaining around 10% of the audience as possible.

This is the France 3 television movie, The Residence has stirred up some 3,165,000 people, while "All history," hosted by Sophie Davant drew 2,762,000 viewers. Note that the X-Factor télécrochet not taking off 10% with 2,174,000 people to follow the adventures of the various candidates.

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